About Us


The Resolutions of the Council of Ministers on the establishment of the School of Foreign Languages at Gazi University were published in the Official Gazette dated March 1st, 2006 and NO 26095 and came into force.  

Our school furthers its education with its 59 English, 4 German, 3 Arabic and 4 French instructors, and 8 administrative staff.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Gazi University School of Foreign Languages is to facilitate cooperation and coordination between its two branches: Department of Modern Languages and Department of Basic Foreign Languages, and equip students studying at faculties where the medium of instruction is partly English, with oral and written communication skills as well as reading and listening skills, necessary for their academic studies.

While achieving this objective, our school seeks to maintain a learning environment in which the most current and effective approaches, methods, techniques and equipment are used in foreign language education, providing opportunities for the professional development of the instructors and social development of the students.

Our vision is to equip our students with the necessary foreign language skills required in a global level, in accordance with the respectable national and international status of Gazi University, which assists their future studies in their academic life in the most effective way.