7th November 2022 Erasmus Foreign Language Exam
1 November 2022 | 09:51

Dear Candidates,

Gazi University Erasmus Foreign Language Exam will be held at the College of Foreign Languages ​​on Gazi University Gölbaşı Campus on November 7, 2022.

The exam will be held in two sessions, and start at 10:00 on Monday, November 7, 2022.

All the parts of the exam will be administered face to face.

Candidates who want to take the exam must fill in the application form on the https://forms.gle/pRVBrd9xbG9evX4MA until November 2, 2022 at 23:59.

All candidates must present a valid and pictured identity document such as Student ID or Identity Card/Driver's License/Passport on the exam day.  

The first session of the exam will start at 10:00 and cover the reading, listening and writing sections. The second session of the exam will start at 13:30 and consist of the speaking section.

The sections of the English exam will be as follows:

  • The first section, the reading section, will contain 55 questions. In this section, there are 5 reading comprehension sets, each consisting of 5 multiple choice questions (answer the questions according to the text), 3 cloze tests with 5 multiple choice questions (fill in the blanks according to the text), 10 sentence completion multiple choice questions (choose the best option to complete the given paragraphs) and 5 irrelevant sentence multiple choice questions (find the irrelevant sentences in the paragraphs).
  • The second section of the exam is the listening section. It has 5 parts, and there are 5 listening comprehension questions to answer in each part. The test format consists of short talks, an interview, conversations and a lecture.
  • In the third section of the exam, i.e. in the writing section, students are required to write a paragraph with a word limit of 200-250 words on the given topic. This section is 25 points.
  • The speaking section will be interactive, in the form of questions and answers, and conducted by one lecturer with one student. This section is 25 points.
  • There are 80 questions in total, in the reading and listening sections. Each question is 1.25 points. The score obtained from these sections out of 100 will be divided into two and calculated out of 50. Then, it will be summed up with the points to be taken from the writing and speaking sections.

Candidates have to get at least 50 points in order to be considered successful in this exam.


The exam application form is as follows:


We wish all candidates success in the exam.


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