Our education and training activities, which we carry out as the College of Foreign Languages, were internationally accredited by the Pearson Assured quality management system in 2019, within the scope of our university's quality studies. This process was carried out by the Accreditation Commission, which was established in our unit in April 2019 and consisted of 19 academic staff and was chaired by our Vice Director of the College, and was completed in a short time of 9 months. Our College’s activities regarding accreditation achievements and quality studies continue.

In order for the quality management system principles to be permanently reflected in the College culture, the process is strictly followed by a faculty member appointed as the "Quality Assurance Officer" in our College, in addition to the College managers, at all administrative and academic stages.

In order to make the quality of the education and training activities we carry out sustainable and to make the foreign language education our students receive internationally recognized, we have started our international accreditation process with the European-based Eaquals Accreditation organization in May 2022. In addition, within the scope of our University's quality studies and planning, YÖKAK Institutional Accreditation and ISO-9001 Total Quality Management System studies are carried out meticulously in our College.

In order for the quality culture to be internalized by all staff and students in the College, focus group meetings are held throughout the year and necessary information is provided, and feedback received from stakeholders is also conveyed.


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